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a d.c. cab driver found dead inside his taxi and the car set on fire. two suspects in that deadly attack appear in court. and new details about the resignation of david petraeus. e-mails that led the cia directory step down. good evening, everyone. i'm jim rosenfield. we're learning that the fbi investigation that throwed general petraeus' resignation began with complaints about his biographer. a senior law enforcement official tells nbc news the investigation began when a woman told the fbi she was being harassed in e-mails. the official says, the fbi
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traced those e-mails back to petraeus biographer paula broadwell and found explicit e-mails from broadwell to petraeus. as brian mooar explains, investigators do not believe the former fbi director broke the law. >> reporter: david petraeus has washington asking how and why? the woman suddenly in the spotlight, author paula broadwell isn't saying. back in january she was promoting her book of the general. >> absolutely loves the agency, and the i think it's a great place for him. >> reporter: while the west point graduate and army reserve officer had close access to the cia director. federal agents investigating whether she had access to e-mails or his computer. >> the fbi's investigation took place on computers there did not necessarily -- was not necessarily focused on him. information by accident. >> reporter: law enforcement and multiple sources tell nbc news that e-mails between general
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petraeus and paula broadwell were indicative of an extramarital affair. nbc news tried but unable to reach paula broadwell for comment. in his resignation letter, the retired four star general, showed extremely poor judgment by engaging in an extramarital affair. law enforcement agents say the general is not under investigation and they don't expect an inquiry will result in rim nall charges. petraeus was the man who turned around the wars in iraq and afghanistan. >> he's a figure here that people respected. >> reporter: innar an affair that could have been embarrassing for every other public servant proved to be a career buster for the man who keeps america's secrets. brian mooar, nbc news, washington. the result expected. today florida made it official. the sunshine state voted to re-elect president obama. the final electoral map for 2012
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looks like this. president obama with 332 electoral votes to mitt romney's 206. the president carried every state he won in 2008 except indiana and north carolina. with a record number of votes cast, florida's secretary of state says president obama only won by about 74,000 votes. that's enough to avoid an automatic recount, though, like the one triggered in 2000's in his first weekly radio address, president obama talked about the upcoming fisk's clifr and urged congress to extend middle class tax cuts right away. >> something we all agree on. the taxes on middle class families should not go up. congress should perm fementally e permanently extend the middle class tax cuts. >> they meet at the white house next week. republicans say they're open to adding revenue to bring down the deficit, but they won't agree to higher tax rates for the wealthy. nice break today from some
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of the chilly, wet fall weather we've been having lately. we saw 60s today. will it continue tomorrow? that's the question for storm team 4 metrologist chuck bell here now to tell us what we can expect. hi, chuck. >> hey there, jim. good evening, and a good saturday evening, everybody. what a night change of pace it was today. temperatures actually warmer than average for a real change. and all we want to do now is keep it just a little longer. it's a three-day weekend and hopes are high question stay mild through most of it. 60 right now in college park and rockwell, reston town center, 52 manassas, and not much going on on storm 4 radar. dry for the rest of your evening. a couple clouds around. nothing to worry about in the rainfall department. sunshine back in the picture for your veterans day and a chance for believe it or not thunderstorms in november coming up soon. we'll talk about that coming up, jim. >> chuck, thank you. to other news now. two people are dead after an accident this afternoon involving motorcycle and a pedestrian's happened in the
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2900 block of branch avenue around 4:00. police are saying a motorcyclist hit a pedestrian and both of them were killed. officials say it appears the pedestrian was homeless. neither vick temperature identified and still not clear whether the pedestrian was in the crosswalk at the time of the crash. southbound branch avenue remains closed. two teens accused of killing a cab driver in the district face add judge today. the driver found dead inside his burning taxi on wednesday near gallaudet university. darcy spencer live outside d.c. superior court with new developments in this case. darcy? >> reporter: jim, the two teens appeared right near d.c. superior court earlier this afternoon. they stood side-by-side, but we don't know how they may know one another. one of the attorneys said they both have spotless records. what they're facing in their young lives, murder. a 17-year-old girl charged in the murder of a d.c. cab driver making their way out of d.c.
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superior court nap after a judge ordered the teen and her 17-year-old co-defendant joshua mub bay mubbane held without bail. police have not officially released his name. >> a nice person. very cheerful with his work. nerve her any problems or anything like that. >> reporter: police found the cabbie's car on fire wednesday night in the 1400 block near gel gallaudet university. died from a gunshot wound to the head. >> initially received some tips, and that led us to then through witness information. >> reporter: authorities say the motive for the kills was robbery. police are still trying to figure out if the car was set on fire to cover up the murder. the assistant u.s. attorney in
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the case described the killing as a horrible crime. he says there was pre-planning to get money, to rob a cabbie, and one of them was armed with a gun. >> nighttime is pretty dangerous. the city, and we want the city to at least look after our cab drivers. >> reporter: attorneys for both teens asked they be released to home confinement. the judge said, no. scheduled to appear back neer hn court later this month. darcy spencer, news 4. >> thanks. thousands still without power from west virginia to new york. some residents have had enough. they took their outrage to the streets. a community effort to beautify a part of prince george's county today, and ahead of tomorrow's veterans day holiday, returning
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frustrations beginning to boil over on long island. residents there angry that it's been almost two weeks since superstorm sandy, and they are still without power. dozens rallied outside the headquarters of the long island power authority today to voice anger. as of this afternoon, more than 60,000 customers still in the dark. the company says it could still be until tuesday before
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everyone's electricity it restored. and a 4.3 magnitude earthquake centered ten miles west of whitesburg not far from the kentucky/virginia border. surrounding states reported feeling it. the quake is considered light. there have been no reports of significant damage. the focus on health and fitness node prince george's county. the community effort to help families eat health around stay active. perfect day to be outside. warm temperatures and sunshine. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell will tell u
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in -- >> people in prince george's county came out for family health and fitness day today. council members organizing this event. greater baden medical services in capital heights. people were able to meet with health professionals, also take zumba classes and learn about healthy eating. also some face painting and other fun activities for the kids. and new murals going up in an elementary school in landover part of transforming neighborhoods initiative. jose of hyattsville won a contest to create the mural. today the community came together to start painting. she teaches art at a school in
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maryland. some talented artists there. and brushes, having a good time. good job, buddy. a push to help out -- help veterans find work at a career fair today at george mason university. the second year the nair been held at patriot center. employers from geico to northrup drummond came out to talk to the veterans who served since 9/11. organizers say a number could go up with more troops coming home from afghanistan in the coming year. the goal of today's career fair was to get 200 vets placed in any job. the transition from military to civilian life can be difficult. explaining how a local company is working to fix that. >> reporter: every morning, marquis johnson and his co-workers check in and gear up. though the former servicemen
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come from different branches of the armed forces they're acustomed to the uniform pants. when you see nem action, it can only be found veterans, finding work for veterans in this economy has been tough. >> sometimes i feel like it's a slap to the face, because we've served our country. >> reporter: johnson left the army in 2009 after serving two tours in iraq. >> i have plenty of interviews, and people shake my hand and tell me thanks for what you did for the country and everything like that. and never got the job. >> reporter: the bureau of labor statistics reports unemployment among veterans is above 12%. that's why marines say we need to hire their services, actively putting veterans to work. customers like these it chose these movers because they're veterans. >> i wanted to do business with them because of what i've heard about them i. prayed for something like this. >> reporter: johnson says this opportunity motivated him and hope for the others. >> it's not over.
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guys got you -- you got to have yourself. >> reporter: he's proven himself to be army strong. in alexandria, news 4. two marines looking to hire 50 vets by tomorrow's holiday. hired 35 so far. anyone interested can still apply. chuck's back, beautiful day. continuing tomorrow? >> yes. >> it's going to be another fine example of what it could be this time of year after a couple of weekends in a row that have been real clunkers around here with the cold and rain and the mess. finally, we've earned a decent weekend and a three-day holiday weekend at that. outside today, so many activities taking place in and around the washington area. these folks enjoying a mild afternoon down at the vietnam veterans m veterans memorial. and lifting names off the wall.
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more than 58,000 names on that beautiful memorial there. in the shadows of abraham lincoln and the korean war memorial not too far. just off to the west side tlf. nice day outside today. a lot of good support for veterans. it you're down there, on the national mall, see someone wearing the veteran's hat, give them a good salute and handshake. even with cloud cover, made 65 degrees at national after a 38 degree start this morning. warmest day since october 27th when we made it up to 70 degrees. speaking of 70, a lot of spots might reach 70 tomorrow around here. that's good news. 56 right now. a light wind out of the southeast keeping washington just a touch cooler. 56 also in pull pculpepper, andu make your plans to get outside and enjoy your saturday evening, still have clouds lingering around. relatively mild the next couple of hours. clouds start to clear out of here after 9:00, 10:00 tonight allowing temperatures back down into the 40s. pretty much area wide.
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nothing going on. storm team 47 radar for now dry tonight and it dry tomorrow nap is good news. closest rain drops to us across parts of lower michigan. they're not coming in our direction. boy, is there a storm in the middle of the country. there's the weather front. temperatures in the middle and upper 70s in eastern nebraska. that's right now. whereas in western nebraska, temperature, in the 20s. a 50-degree temperature drop. the winds are really howling across the plains states and that punch of colder air is coming in our direction. it arrives here on tuesday. so calm and quiet and clearing out for the overnight hours. a nice day tomorrow. plenty of sunshine. great little salute for veterans. another quiet night sunday night into monday morning, but moisture surging northbound will start out mostly cloudy monday morning and then the clouds thicken up by monday afternoon. rain drops arrive i think after midnight monday night into early tuesday, and that could even come with a chance of a
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thunderstorm. so overnight, clearing skies. seasonably chilly. nothing to worry about. temperatures in the low to mid-40s. tomorrow a fine day it's going to be. upper 60s reaching 70 tomorrow. thought we might get into the 70s monday. we still might, but i think extra clouds may hold us just short. mild no matter what because so moist outside, certainly feel like 70. showers and a risk of storms tuesday blowing out of here and back to the chilly 50s for the second half of next week. nothing major, but tuesday looks like the day we'll watch the closest. enjoy it while it's here. >> absolutely. thanks. coming up in sports, a tough start for shawn petty and the terps against clemson. [ male announcer ] this commercial is not about getting fios. it's about getting fios. that moment after you finally got it, that you actually get it. when you can see blades of artificial grass in their full glory, you get it. or the first time you download a 2-hour movie in 2 minutes, you get it.
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away on the tease, the terps. >> coving sports, i don't think i've ever seen a team ravaged with injuries like maryland. but it's on the schedule. down to the fifth quarterback and minus their most dough namic offensive weapon in stephon diggs and leading rusher in wes brown both with ankle injuries. terp beating clemson? it's not going to happen. the heart they have, a different story.
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randy edsel and the terps in death valley and those 13th ranked tigers are menacing. pick it up in the first quarter. terps down 7-0. petty, roaming out and, oh. cory crawford scoops it up. that's a big man's dream. 16 yard touchdown. clemson up 14-0 getting mad love. not all bad for petty and the terps. second quarter, clemson up 28-0. finds campbell. maryland on the board. clemson is ranked 13th for no reason. punches it in six yards out. it is 45-10, clemson. deep in the fourth quarter. uva hosting miami. down in charlottesville. this one absolutely crazy. pick it up first quarter, tied at 14. quarterback philip sims takes the snap. dances around. finds the end zone.
6:25 pm
wahoo up 21-14. fourth quarter miami 31-28 lead. stephen morris, airs it out to dorsett. 357-yard strike. three touchdowns on the day for morris. under 15 seconds to go. 'canes up. michael rocco a second chance and he cashes in. jake mcgee -- they win 41-40, and in dramatic fashion down in charlottesville. navy midshipman in alabama visitingal troy trojans. troy up 21-14. snap tom anthony, call that a lot of real estate, guys. 44-yard touchdown. trojans 28-14 lead. mideast, not quitting this one. third quarter, navy down ten. keenen reynolds pitches to gg green and gg is gone, gone. 59 yards. navy pulls within three, 31-21.
6:26 pm
light now it is 41-31 in the fourth quarter, late. and martin, high school class of '84. a classy class of '98. alma motters, coaching. an kochtia up. look at turner. tied at 20 at the half. wilson puppi ingpulling away in second half. finds taylor over the middle. 74 yards. wilson wins 40-20. some h 26720 love coming up aftn absence of 21 years, wilson returns to the turkey bowl. all right. the outlook for maryland basketball is about as bright at chuck bell the forecast. anyone following gary williams better have their stuff together, and if last night is any indication, mark turgeon is getting them back on track.
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opening up the college basketball season against john calipari, defending national champion kentucky wildcats. sluggish in the first half. second half, seth allen finds him. 23 points and terps up one. kentucky coming right back. maryland back on the attack. shhh -- charles mitchell with the lay-in. terps back on top. kentucky makes a push, though. jared with the rebound, and puts it back. wildcats take a 1-point lead. under five seconds left now. kentucky up three. howard, trying to make something happen -- and it doesn't. maryland loses a heart breaker. 72-69. a lot gained in the loss. >> if tonight did ized our fan . you know, guys, they showed up for the duke game last year and the carolina game. everything else was just kind of show up to show up.
6:28 pm
tonight they showed up and they were energized and excited about our team. that's big for us. we'll learn a lot from this stage. probably what we learned the most is -- is i learned a lot. how to coach this team. >> all right. virginia tech also tonight. >> thanks very much. that's the news for now. "nightly news" is coming up next. we will be right back here for news 4 at 11:00. until then, have a great night, everybody. if you have high blood pressure and get a cold get coricidin hbp. the number one pharmacist recommended cold brand designed for people with high blood pressure.
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and the only one i use to relieve my cold symptoms without raising my blood pressure. coricidin hbp.

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